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[2017 Series] MKZ Riser


MK Z is gives you a new experience.

You can experience a fast and neat feeling, when you use a smooth and modern MK Z shoot.


The aluminum 7075 is processed to the MK Z risers through forge-welding. Next, it is manufactured through 3steps: rough machining, surface in milling and finish cutting with CNC processing to prevent twisting, increase accuracy and minimize defect rate.

  The available colors are Black, Grey, Red, Violet, White, Green, Gold, Sky Blue, Pink, Brown and Silver (total of 11 colors). White is painted and all other colors are applied by anodizing. It’s your choice, with fun with various colors.

  The grip is made with rose tree; the shape of the grip makes the point of power concentrated in the center, so the shooter's shoulder can hold the riser more comfortably, and makes shooting more stable.

The degree of the grip and the end point of the riser is more extended to increase elasticity and tenability. We moved the center of gravity to the outside of the riser, so it feels fast and uncluttered, which can help to increase the shooter's concentration.


Technical specifications

Length :  25”

Material :  Aluminum 7075

Weight :  1,300g

Type :  RH / LH

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