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Fluid Edge Themes

The story of involved manufacturing of the products


Artisans who have been working for over 20 years make the best-quality products exquisitely from MK X10, which is our first riser. The Aluminum material goes through precision processing CNC, after that, it is anodized for preventing scratches and discoloration. That way, it helps to keep equal quality through these processes. All of these processes are progressed in Korea. Experience the best products we made thorough quality control.



All limbs of M.K Archery are created by specialists who are from archery The precisions of limbs are becoming more and more sophisticated by well experienced specialist.

We choose the materials, fit the products, poundage which you want, and process the limbs shape. We also match the length and poundage of limbs. From first process to last process are progressed by one hundred percent of hand. Experience the special limb made of integrated by a know-how specialist.