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Fluid Edge Themes

The philosophy and spirits of brand


We test our products strictly and cool-headed. We manage the quality as a hundred percent handwork and one hundred percent domestic producing, so it helps to more focus on your product. Therefore, when you use our products, you can get a pleasing result. Every M.K staff is trying to make our product more familiar to you even if make one product, we try to produce with founder’s philosophy and spirits, which are authenticity and artisan spirits.

Walking in someone else's shoes

We have authenticity in our products. It begins with understanding our customer’s mind. All of our MK staff members were from archery athletes. So, they better understand of archery and archery equipment than anyone, it leads to the product’s innovation. When we plan to make the product, we think for the moment you use our products, and every plan is started with understanding and empathy of you.

Nothing changed even as the time went by, Do not follow the trend, Eternality


All luxury goods have each intrinsic ‘TIMELESS’. Nothing changed; it has to last for a long time, it can withstand the adversity for many years. Those things are ‘TIMELESS’. They are started from understanding a human. We are trying to have M.K Korea’s intrinsic ‘TIMELESS’ using superior qualities as basic condition, and gain your affections through our philosophy and spirits.