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MK Beta


MK Beta

Progressive and complex harmony.

The innovative evolution, MK BETA.

MK BETA is designed for innovative and technological images using modern sense. BETA has been designed harmony between a clean front side and brilliant back side. Also, made of high-strength aluminum 7075 to prevent twisting and abrasion of thread, so it won’t be modified easily if used for a long time. All processes of BETA are manufactured by NC Work (Numerical Control Work), it means BETA has great consistency. So the weights and measurements of each product are constant. Therefore, if you use BETA, you can feel conformability even if you use any limbs. Using leading-edge technology of MK dual system can use all types of recurve limbs using only one of BETA. So it can help users to choose the best limb for themselves. BETA design is line shapes get wider as it moves to the center. It functions to reduce the vibrations while shooting. Especially the vibration will be minimized on the center. And to strongly appeal about MK’S advanced technology to everyone, shows the attachment part of limbs. Feel the BETA’s elaborate technology.

※Using the slip-resistant grip (Only RH / LH is wooden grip)

  • With the non-slip pad, it allows preventing slipping when holding the riser.
  • The pad contains constant elasticity, it allows absorbing the impact of shooting.
  • With smooth shooting, it allows a neat shooting feeling.

Length : 25″

Material : Aluminum 7075

Weight : 1,320g

Type : RH / LH

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